Teruhi (輝日, Teruhi) also known as Teruhi-hime (輝日姫), is the main female protagonist of Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki, and the great grand-daughter of Emperor Antoku.

Appearance Edit

Princess Teruhi appears as a very beautiful young woman of average stature with long flowing hair and deep blue eyes. She wears a light colored kimono, a pair of baggy leggings and is often equipped with a self-defense blade at her hip and a longbow at her lower back.

Background Edit

Teruhi had been living on Tsushima Island for most, if not, all of her life. She was well-respected and loved by the islanders of Tsushima as she was presumed the daughter of Sō Sukekuni, the head of the Sō clan which administered Tsushima. In reality, she was the great grand-daughter of Emperor Antoku and possessed imperial blood. Her position in the clan as the head's daughter essentially makes her the heiress to the clan, as shown by her more well-known title, "Teruhi-hime" (輝日姫, Princess Teruhi in English).

At some point when she was young, Teruhi familiarised herself with the bow and arrow. However, due to being a female and belonging to imperial blood, she was often restricted from battles or skirmishes with hostile or invading groups.

Plot Edit

At the beginning of the series, she is informed that a number of exiles will be coming to Tsushima as extra manpower for the defense of the island against the Mongolian army. She happily greets them upon their arrival and gathers them in one spot where she puts on a fake persona in order to intimidate the exiles into fighting for the island. Most of the exiles ignore her act, however.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Skills Edit

  • Bow-and-arrow skills: Teruhi displays a range of adequate, and in some cases, very experienced shows of bow-and-arrow skills during the skirmishes and battles with the Mongolian armies. However, she is not fully experienced with the bow, as she is shown to be inconsistent with the weapon and miss numerous times under pressure.

Equipment Edit

  • Small blade: Teruhi has a small self-defense blade situated at her left hip. While this is useless in practical sword-fights, it is useful in a desperate self-defense situation.
  • Bow-and-arrow: Teruhi has a large bow often situated on her lower back, as well as a ready supply of arrows nearby. While not preparing for battle or resting, however, her equipment is usually taken care of by her servant, Kano, or her protection footsoldier, Kaitani Gontarō.

Trivia Edit

  • While records prove that Sō Sukekuni did indeed exist and fought for Tsushima during the Mongolian invasions of Japan in 1274, no such records detail a person or anyone similar to Teruhi-hime.
  • Quite early on in the story, Teruhi falls in love with Jinzaburou, and unknown to him she has kissed him 2 times while he was sleeping.
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