Kazuhisa Shiraishi (白石和久, Shiraishi Kazuhisa) was a gokenin noble who had lost his land and titles for unknown reasons. He is one among many imprisoned in Hakozaki and sent to fight the Mongolian Empire on Tsushima Island.

Appearance Edit

Shiraishi initially wears the tattered rugs of the Hakozaki prisoners, a dull orange along with no footwear. During battles, however, he is often equipped with blue samurai armour and wartime footwear, and is also seen with numerous weapons by his hip or held within his hands, such as the naginata and katana.

Background Edit

Shiraishi was a gokenin noble (御家人) and a vassal for the Kamakura shogunate, tasked with protection of the imperial court and Kamakura during peacetime. He was well known for his impeccable horseback fighting skills. Before the beginning of the series, Shiraishi had lost his title of gokenin along with the land he had owned; then being sent to Hakozaki as a prisoner.

Plot Edit

Shiraishi was among many prisoners who were sent to Tsushima to fight the invading Mongols. He voluntarily participated in numerous battles against the Mongolian armies, but eventually loses his own cause and motivation for living. He eventually sides with the Mongols, betraying the Toibarai and the Sō clan he had fought alongside; however, the clan, exiles and Toibarai did not find out until the castle that they were holding was fully breached.

As he had betrayed the men and women he had fought with, he had revealed the location of the enemy to the Mongolian army. Upon the fall of the castle the Toibarai were sheltering in, Kuchii Jinzaburou finds him beside a collapsed stone wall, finally discovering that he betrayed them. Shiraishi challenges Kuchii to battle but loses, and is killed by beheading.

Skills and Equipment Edit

Skills Edit

  • Horseback Fighting: Shiraishi is naturally talented at horseback fighting, being able to efficiently kill numerous enemies while maintaining a fast, but defensive pace when riding on horseback.

Equipment Edit

  • Naginata: Shiraishi's preferred weapon on foot. He fights with a naginata on horseback as well on many occasions. The naginata was one among many famous bladed articles used by samurai in battle.
  • Katana: Shiraishi also fights with a katana, another well known samurai weapon. He often uses this on horseback rather than on foot, as the naginata is his preferred weapon on foot.
  • Short Blade: Shiraishi is also in possession of a small blade, similar to many of the other fighters. This is useful for desperate situations.
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