Kagesuke Shouni (少弐景資, Shōni Kagesuke) is the Shogunate High General of the Kamakura shogunate. Just before the Mongolian forces attack Tsushima, he asks Kuchii Jinzaburou to try and delay the Mongolians for 7 days so he is able to send reinforcements.

Appearance Edit

Kagesuke appears as a Japanese male of average height and build with short, spiky black hair and black eyes. A scar of sorts runs across his right cheek just under his right eye. He is seen dressed in formal uniform befitting that of a Shogunate High General, and also wields a staff.

Background Edit

Kagesuke's background is very obscure. He is said to have been a warlord who oversaw the Kyushu masters, and a remarkable warrior. However, his skills in combat and his backstory are never explicitly shown.

Plot Edit

At the beginning of the series when the exiles have finally arrived at Tsushima Island, Shouni visits Kuchii Jinzaburou, his former colleague, and tells him that a large Mongolian force will be attacking the island. He asks Jinzaburou to try and delay the Mongol forces for 7 days so that he can send reinforcements to the island, and from there they shall start retaking the island. Shouni then gives a short sword to Jinzaburou which turns out to be a short sword used by Minamoto-no-Yoshitsune during the Genpei War. He says to Jinzaburou that he is worthy of wielding it more than he is, and also mentions that he will request Kuchii's reinstatement as a vassal of the Kamakura shogunate.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Kagesuke's abilities are never shown.

Trivia Edit

  • Shouni Kagesuke is one of the characters in the series who actually existed during this time period. He was famed for being a warlord of the Kamakura shogunate who oversaw the Kyushu masters, and even fought in the Battle of Tsushima, 1274.
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