Onitakemaru (鬼剛丸, Onitakemaru) was one of the exiles who had been sent from Hakozaki to Tsushima in order to fight the Mongols. He was formerly a well known Japanese pirate.

Appearance Edit

Onitakemaru appears as a large male with a stocky build. He doesn't have a fixed attire, and seems to wear different things from time to time. His hair is long and black and his eyes are degraded into small dots, similar to Kuchii Jinzaburou. His teeth are also sharpened, almost like that of a shark, possibly hinting at his former position as a pirate.

Background Edit

Onitakemaru was renowned for being a well known Japanese pirate amongst the sea of Japan. He was, at some point, involved in a skirmish with Kamakura shogunate forces led by Kuchii Jinzaburou and was eventually captured. Little is known of his life before his days as a Japanese pirate, and little is known of what happened after he was captured. Because of his defeat at the hands of Jinzaburou, he holds a grudge against him.

Plot Edit

Onitakemaru was imprisoned in Hakozaki before the start of the series presumably by Kuchii Jinzaburou, the one who defeated him and the other pirates. He is scheduled to be sent to Tsushima to defend it from an impending Mongolian invasion. Upon seeing that Jinzaburou had met the same fate on the way to the island, Onitakemaru laughs and makes fun of him, pointing out that he was once the great retainer of the shogunate that defeated the pirates.

Later in the series, he is eventually mortally wounded and killed by Liu Fuheng (劉復亨, Ryū Fukukō) during a 1-on-1 battle with him.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Skills Edit

  • Brute Strength: Onitakemaru, because of his stocky build and background as a pirate often sailing the sea, he possesses incredible strength and durability.
  • Close Quarter Fighting: Because of his incredible strength and skills with blunt weapons such as the kanabō, Onitakemaru possesses a great advantage in any close quarter battle even against numerous men armed with bows and swords together.

Equipment Edit

  • Kanabō War Club: Onitakemaru prefers fighting with the kanabō (金棒, literally meaning: "metal stick"), which was prominently known as a close quarter alternative to the katana used by the samurai of Japan. It deals devastating damage to its victims, as it is coated with sharp spikes all around.
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